Michael Jackson Awarded $2.7 Million

A Los Angeles jury awarded Michael Jackson $2.7 million on Thursday in a suit the singer filed against a man who claimed he had seen a videotape of Jackson engaging in sex with a 13-year old boy.

According to the Associated Press, Jackson filed the lawsuit in 1995, asking for $100 million in damages against Victor Gutierrez for going on a television tabloid show and proclaiming that there was a 27-minute videotape of Jackson having sex with a boy.

Gutierrez, who authored a book entitled "Michael Jackson Was My Lover" about a supposed relationship between Jackson and a minor, attempted to invoke the state's Shield Law -- which protects reporters from naming their sources.

Both lawyers for Jackson and Gutierrez agreed that the jury was trying to send a message to tabloids about making false claims regarding celebrities' personal lives.

The case marks Jackson's second legal victory in the last two weeks, as a California judge earlier dismissed a gender discrimination

suit filed against the singer by an ex-employee (see "Michael Jackson Gender Discrimination Suit Dismissed").