Jackson Settles "Mirror" Libel Case

Michael Jackson has settled his libel suit against England's "Mirror" newspaper, following the paper's portrayal of the singer as "horribly disfigured" by extensive plastic surgery.

The paper ran a front page story in June of 1992 containing a large color photo of the singer's face with the caption, "This is the real Michael Jackson." The photo, taken at a London press conference for a charity event, was accompanied by a story that inferred that the hot spotlights caused Jackson's true looks to be revealed to the camera. The text described him as a "scarred phantom" and pointed out a hole in his nose, his sagging chin and that one cheek appeared to be higher than the other.

According to the BBC, Jackson's lawyer said in court that: "Representatives of the "Mirror" have since met directly with the plaintiff and have seen with their own eyes that the photographs which were published, albeit in good faith, do not accurately represent the plaintiff's appearance." He added

that Jackson and the "Mirror" were "looking forward to a better relationship now this litigation has been amicably resolved."

The lawyer for the "Mirror" had said that the photographs had "been taken honestly" and had not been altered, but that the paper now accepted that they were not representative of the singer's true looks.

The BBC reports that the terms of the settlement were deemed confidential but that the "Mirror" did agree never to repeat the allegations.