Janet Keeps Stalker Behind Velvet Rope

November 19 [14:15 EDT] -- Every kook eventually has their day... in court.

Janet Jackson has just won a small victory over her latest stalker from a Los Angeles Superior Court. The restraining order prevents Eric Leon Christian, 25, of Baltimore, from coming within one hundred yards of Jackson or her employees and from harassing the velvety voiced singer via his creepy letters and phone calls to her production company Black Doll.

According to a report in "The New York Post," Christian sent letters to Jackson claiming that she was trying to communicate with him through the television, and called her "a sex kitten and prostitute," among other slurs.

Christian also claims that Jackson plagiarized a song he sent to her in a demo on "The Velvet Rope" and that he has tried to obtain retribution through the proper channels, to no avail. In a letter Christian wrote, "I will fight you physically, if necessary, to get what's mine."

According to "The Post," Jackson

dealt with another stalker earlier this year who called himself "King of Jerusalem" and "Leader of All Nations" and purported to be Jackson's husband.

Christian's hearing is in Los Angeles on December 3.