Janet's Cleavage Wreaks Havoc At Home And Abroad

Anyone who has seen Janet Jackson's latest video for "I Get Lonely" [500k QuickTime] is well acquainted with the singer's physical attributes, but folks in Hartford, Connecticut won't be seeing them in their daily newspaper.

Janet's record label says that "The Hartford Courant" rejected an ad for the singer's upcoming tour claiming that the cleavage Janet displayed in the ad (which uses the same image found on this page) was a bit too much. The paper had hoped to alter the image, covering the offending area, but Jackson's management refused the changes and the ad was pulled from the paper.

Janet's label, Virgin Records, also notes that the very same image of the singer has been causing problems in England, where it appears on a billboard. Janet's people say that the billboard was pulled down after several rubber-necking motorists lingered a little too long on the photo leading to a minor rash of

fender benders.