Usher Discusses Janet Jackson's Health Advice

When you look at R&B phenomenon Usher, the read you most likely take of him is that of a poly-platinum singer with mad performance skills, a marketable image and a promising multi-media future.

When Janet Jackson looks at her opening act, however, she apparently sees a guy whose digestive system could use a good flush. At least, that's the impression Usher left during an interview with MTV News while on the set of the "Bold and the Beautiful," where he explained some of the health tips Janet gave him.

"On my first time meeting her," Usher said, "she was telling me that I should take Ginseng -- because it's good for your immune system and all that. Then she started talking to me about colonics, believe it or not [500k QuickTime]. You know, she told me, 'You should get a colonic.' (rolls eyes) Whatever."

While Jackson believes that colonics cleanse the system, Dr. James George, a gastroenterology

specialist in New York says the procedure, which flushes body waste out of your system, offers no known medical benefits.

Regardless, the health-conscious Velvet Rope Tour, which has Usher opening up for Janet, is scheduled to roll into Portland's Rose Garden Arena on Thursday.