More On The Death Of Michael Hutchence

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Singer Michael Hutchence, the tousled and charismatic frontman of the Australian band INXS apparently committed suicide in Sydney last Saturday morning, just days before the group was due to launch a 20th anniversary tour of its homeland.

The band's late-eighties hit-making days were behind it, and Hutchence, at the time of his death, was embroiled in a bitter child-custody battle between his fiancee, Paula Yates -- whom he'd planned to marry on the pacific island of Bora Bora in January -- and her ex-husband, "Live Aid" star Bob Geldof. But none of his friends recalled him being depressed, and by the time of his funeral in Sydney on Thursday, there was still no clue as to why he chose to end his life at the age of 37.

MTV: On Thursday, a crowd of Australian fans gathered outside a private funeral service in Sydney in memory of one of their country's most charismatic rock stars. The funeral was broadcast live

on Australian television -- honoring a man whom local fans had followed through 20 years of ups and downs.

MICHAEL HUTCHENCE: We all have our wilderness years, whether it's drugs, alcohol, lack of fame, whatever.

MTV: On Monday, responding to a barrage of press questions, police confirmed that there was no suicide note, but that his nude body had been found hung from the door of his hotel room with a leather belt. Detectives have taken into possession a leather belt for examination. It would appear that there are no suspicious circumstances.

REPORTER: Was there any sign of drug use or anything like that at the scene?

INVESTIGATOR: Yes, there were a number of prescribed medications located at the scene.

MTV: Police said they found five types of prescription medication in Hutchence's room, among them, the anti-depressant Prozac. In a recent MTV News interview, however, Hutchence had sounded at peace with himself and his band and their place in

the world.

HUTCHENCE: I'm 37, you know, we're happy about that. We're proud to be where we got to, hopefully we're wise old smooth talking bastards.

MTV: And just 24 hours before his death, Hutchence -- with his longtime mates in INXS -- had seemed seemed not only happy, but almost playful.

HUTCHENCE (at a rehearsal): That was too perfect, in fact. Can we do it again and mess it up a bit?

MTV: Australian fans were shocked by this unexpected end for a star who had risen up out of their midst to become the international personification of dance rock in the 1980s.

FAN 1: It's amazing that he could do it right here, in his home country. It's just a freaky thing to happen. You never thought that anyone like him would ever do something like this.

FAN 2: I've been a fan since... I can remember "Kick." Actually, I can remember one of the "Kick" songs. "Sometimes get kicked and sometimes" -- no. "Sometimes you kick and sometimes you get kicked."

And, like, that sort of was an inspiration. Like, life is good sometimes and life is bad sometimes, but you've got to keep going anyway. So that was one of Michael Hutchence's songs, but he didn't... he didn't accept that himself.

Paula Yates already had a wedding gown for her planned marriage to Hutchence. She dyed it black and said that, on Thursday, she would wear it to his funeral instead.