Thousands Say Goodbye To INXS' Hutchence

December 2 [7:55 EDT] -- Michael Hutchence's fiancee, daughter, and bandmates were joined by 1,000 to 2,000 mourners at the late singer's funeral in Sydney, Australia last Thursday.

Hutchence's INXS bandmates acted as pallbearers at the service as the singer's fiancee, Paula Yates, and their infant daughter, Tiger Lily, looked on. The coffin was covered with purple irises and one tiger lily.

Hutchence's sister, Tina Schorr, described her brother as, "the kindest, most deeply sensitive, loving man," during her eulogy.

"We saw him, a distant figure on a stage, and somehow felt that we knew him," Rev. Boak Jobbins said of the late performer during the service. "We listened to him sing and felt that it was for us alone."

Hutchence's body was cremated after the service, and Yate's and Hutchence's family were reportedly arguing over who would take possession of the singer's remains.

One young man at the funeral was taken away for "assessment" after he

tried to disrupt the service just as Nick Cave began to sing his song "Into My Arms" in tribute to Hutchence. Australian news outlets report that the man was not attempting suicide, as initial reports claimed, but was actually a well-known troublemaker at high-profile Australian events.

Many questions remain about Hutchence's death. Police officials are now reportedly backing off their original claims that it was an open and shut case of suicide. They now say they're not sure what state of mind caused Hutchence to take the actions he did, and that much will depend on the results of toxicology tests and according to some reports, additional interviews with key witnesses. They also say they may never know.

Meanwhile, Paula Yates, who flew back to England over the weekend, has made a plea for privacy for her and her daughter Tiger. She did not return to the home she had shared with Hutchence. Her lawyer, Anthony Burton, asked the crowd of reporters gathered in front of

the house to "allow Michael Hutchence dignity in death and leave Ms. Yates and their baby daughter to grieve in peace."

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