Insane Clowns Land On Island Records

July 17 [10:00 EDT] -- After being shaken up by Disney, it seems that the Insane Clown Posse has landed on its feet.

The wake of controversy surrounding the recall of the rap duo's album "The Great Milenko" by Disney subsidiary Hollywood Records has reportedly carried the act into a new contract with Island Records.

Reuters news service reports that the duo has signed with Island after speaking with Epic Records and Restless about possible deals.

As we (and plenty of other folks) previously reported, the group's album was pulled from shelves a mere six hours after its initial release. The Clowns contend that they had submitted a lyrics sheet to Disney brass prior to the release of the album, but Hollywood's parent company balked soon after the album's release calling it "inappropriate."

Island will reportedly re-release "The Great Milenko" sometime in August, and will add three songs ("Neden Game," "Under the Moon," and "Boogie Woogie Wu") to the album that

the group had pulled at the request of Hollywood Records.

The Clowns now find themselves on a roster that includes U2 and the Cranberries.