Indigo Girls Go back To School For Contest Winner

May 14 [14:00 EST] -- The Indigo Girls will turn up at Booker T. Washington Magnet School in Montgomery, Alabama next week to play a private concert for 16-year-old Ashley Tillery.

The student is the grand prize winner of 1997's Scholastic Write Lyrics Contest, and will also pick up an Apple PowerMacIntosh when the folk-tinged duo turn up on May 19.

Students were sent a five-song Indigo Girls cassette and urged to craft their own songs, and Tillery's lyrics were then chosen by Indigo Girls Amy Ray and Emily Sailers from more than 12,000 entries.

The contest was distributed (with the help of sponsor Epic Records) to schools last winter through the educational magazines "Junior Scholastic," "Action," "Literary Cavalcade," and "Scope" and through the Scholastic Network's website (at

Every year, the contest attempts to encourage students to express themselves through writing, and past celebrity judges have included 10,000 Maniacs, Jackson

Browne and Tracy Chapman.

"It was an honor, not to mention a lot of fun, to judge this contest and we look forward to meeting Ashley," said Sailers.

It's surprising that the duo could find the time since they are gearing up for a North American tour in support of their new top ten album, "Shaming of the Sun." The group's tour will see them offer a pay-per-view broadcast of their show in Mansfield, Massachusetts, and also headline at New York's Madison Square Garden for the first time.