Indigo Girls Speak Out On Show Cancellation

The May 7 date of the Indigo Girls' spring tour of college and high school campuses was canceled yesterday after parents leveled complaints about the nature of the free show.

According to a spokesman for the Irmo High School, the Indigo Girls concert was canceled because of their sexuality, because the show was to be held during school hours, and because of complaints from parents that any show, much less one by a pair of lesbians, would be an inappropriate use of the school assembly.

In response to local officials pulling the plug on the show, Indigo Girl Emily Sailers issued a statement today which read:

"We are saddened and angry to hear that our show at Irmo High School has been canceled. It is a blatant case of homophobia. The show was canceled because we are gay. In the wake of recent violence in schools and the often bleak environment for kids which includes the cutting of school arts programs and lack of creative outlets, we believe that playing

free high school shows provide a positive musical and emotional experience for high school students. Despite this particular cancellation, we will play in Columbia, SC and we'd like to thank the people there and elsewhere who support our collective message of respect and justice for all human beings."

As we previously reported (see "Chumbawamba, Foo Fighters, Indigo Girls, David Byrne To Play Music Midtown Fest"), the Indigo Girls will be greeted by friendlier faces when it plays the Music Midtown Fest in Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday.