Indigo Girls Canceled Again

On Wednesday, a high school in Knoxville, Tennessee became the third school to cancel a scheduled, free afternoon concert by the Indigo Girls, who say they're trying to reach their younger fans with these daytime shows.

Farragut High in Knoxville cited the same reason as another Tennessee high school earlier this week: a four-letter word in the song "Shame On You," which the Indigos performed last Sunday at a High School in Georgia.

As we reported last week (see "Indigo Girls Speak Out On Show Cancellation"), a South Carolina school also canceled the Indigos saying it was partly because they're lesbians, and partly because concerts are not appropriate during school hours.

That incident prompted South Carolina natives Hootie and the Blowfish to come to the defense of the Indigos, with drummer Jim "Sonny" Sonefeld telling local press that the area is "socially medieval."

The Indigo Girls wrap up their tour Friday

night in Austin, Texas with a benefit show for Mexico's Zapatista rebels.