Enrique Iglesias' Spanish Flavor Spices Up "Bailamos"

Madrid-born superstar Enrique Iglesias, who won the Best Latin Performer Grammy Award in 1996, is finally garnering attention beyond the real of the Latin music charts with the Spanglish hit single "Bailamos" from the "Wild Wild West" soundtrack.

Iglesias, son of smooth Spanish crooner Julio, lives in Miami and is far from a newcomer to the industry; his four albums have sold more than 14 million copies worldwide.

"Bailamos" was co-written by Mark Taylor, who also produced Cher's hit single "Believe," but Iglesias added his own Latin spice to the song.

"I heard it and... I fell in love with it," Iglesias told MTV News. "And we gave it a little bit of that Spanish flavor after... that Spanish guitar, and a little [sings] "Hay te quiero"... a little of that flamenco feel." [RealVideo]

Later this month, Enrique heads into a studio here in the U.S. to record his first English-language

album, which is tentatively slated for an October release.