Ice Cube Hooks Up With Adult Film Director On New Video

While Ice Cube's new single, "Pushin' Weight," is beginning to climb up the charts, the rapper is out on a soundstage shooting a new film, "Three Kings," with George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg.

Since he made his big-screen debut seven years ago as "Doughboy" in "Boyz in the Hood," Cube has learned a thing or two about film production, and even stepped behind the lens to make his directorial debut on "The Player's Club" earlier this year.

For the "Pushin' Weight" video, the rapper tapped a veteran adult film director, Gregory Dark, whose resume includes such "movies" as the "New Wave Hooker" series -- and whom Cube found to be a real professional.

"It's cool," Ice Cube told the MTV Radio Network, "I think that Gregory Dark has become a great editor, he knows lighting, and he knows how to save money, which is a good thing for a director. He knows how to get the shot without spending for it, and that's a beautiful thing. That's why the video looks so good."

Cube describes

the video as a "big game hunter type of thing," and says that the things being hunted are "the people that don't like Ice Cube just because he's Ice Cube."

The rapper has just recorded a remix of "Pushin' Weight" with Noreaga and producer Clarke Kent. Cube's new album, "War & Peace: Volume 1: War," arrives in stores on November 17.