Jennifer Lopez Praises Ice Cube

With her hit album "On the 6" and acclaimed roles in "Out of Sight" and "Selena," Jennifer Lopez has firmly established herself on both sides of the music/movie fence. Even so, the career-juggler says she's finding inspiration in none other than rapper-turned-actor Ice Cube.

In a recent conversation with the MTV Radio Network, Lopez discussed how the rapper, who's a leading man both in front of and behind the camera, is blazing a trail in the crossover arena.

"He's the perfect example of somebody who does both [movies and music]," she said of Cube. "I mean, he's producing movies and directing now. He's an incredible talent. I just think it's silly to pigeonhole anybody into one thing. There are all different types of artists, some people just do one thing and some people do several. You can't do that to somebody who has something to express, I feel like." [RealAudio]

Lopez, whose latest single is "Waiting For Tonight," will soon be making her return to movies; she is set to co-star with Brendan Fraser ("The Mummy") in "The Wedding Planner" (see "Lopez Handles Music Success While Eyeing Film Roles").

Ice Cube, meanwhile, co-stars with George Clooney (Lopez's co-star from "Out Of Sight") and Mark Wahlberg ("Boogie Nights") in "Three Kings," which opens on October 1. He also has secured a role in "Pimp" and recently wrapped shooting on "Next Friday," the sequel to his 1995 cult-classic comedy, "Friday" (see "Ice Cube Hustles For Film Role; Dimension Signs Film Deal With Loud Records" and "Ice Cube Talks 'Next Friday'").

On the musical front, Cube's next album, "War & Peace Volume 2: The Peace Disc," should be hitting stores in early 2000.

-- John Gill