Ice Cube Shows His Bust For New Video

Ice Cube is not one to let a good prop go to waste.

After letting it collect dust for the last year, Cube has once again trotted out the 17-foot tall bust of himself that he unveiled at 1998's Family Values tour.

The rapper and his larger than life likeness return in "You Can Do It," the video for first single from the soundtrack to Cube's upcoming film "Next Friday." Cube and directors Little X and Cameron Casey resurrected the bust for the video, as well as a few other choice elements.

"'You Can Do It' was basically a performance video, a lot of hot girls in there, the crowd going crazy," Cube told the MTV Radio Network of what people can expect from the new clip. "I'm on stage rhyming and what's cool about it is that I pulled out, I got this skull of my head and my shoulders that sits like seventeen feet tall, so it was cool to bring that out, you know. People would be able

to check that out. I took it on the Family Values tour with me (in 1998) and it's cool for people to be able to see it in the video." [RealVideo]

The video is surfacing now, while the "Next Friday" soundtrack (which also features Pharoahe Monch, Wu-Tang Clan, Eminem, Aaliyah, and a newly-reunited N.W.A. featuring Snoop Dogg) is in stores now). The movie is expected to hit theaters on January 14. Meanwhile, Cube's next full-length album, "War & Peace Volume 2-The Peace Disc" is due on February 29.