Whitney Houston To Take On "Christie Love"

April 9 [7:55 EST] -- Singer/Actress Whitney Houston has reportedly signed up to star in and co-produce a remake of the 1974 TV movie "Get Christie Love," the story of a beautiful policewoman who goes undercover to expose a drug ring.

Meanwhile, Houston is presumably still angling to bring the life story of the late black actress Dorothy Dandridge to the big screen, although she's no longer alone in that pursuit.

Actress Halle Berry is now said to be negotiating to play Dandridge in a film biography for HBO, but publicists for the premium cable network say they can't confirm that yet, though they may have word in a few weeks.

Then there's singer Janet Jackson, who has also expressed an interest in playing Dandridge and virtually auditioned for the part in her video for the song "Twenty Foreplay."

We asked Houston for her thoughts on Jackson's reported interest in playing Dandridge.

"She didn't make any

bones about it, did she?," Houston said. "You know how much she wants to be Dorothy. But...however, I didn't want to be Dorothy. I didn't. I had no intentions of playing Dorothy Dandridge nor was I interested. But however, the historian who owns the manuscript on Dorothy wanted me to play her, and thought, 'You are Dorothy. You are Dorothy,' and these are his exact words, 'Nobody else should play Dorothy but you.'" (QuickTime, 1MB)