Hooverphonic Tells Of Waiting For Vocalist To Come Of Age

This year's CMJ Music Marathon provided a coming out of sorts for new material from the Belgian trip-hop outfit Hooverphonic and its still relatively new singer Geike Arnaert.

The group originally set out to work with a rotating cast of vocalists, but had settled on Liesje Sadonius for much of its vocal stylings. Sadonius left the group on good terms in early 1997, leaving the group to search for a new singer. They eventually settled on Geike, but the barely 18-year-old singer couldn't join up as soon as she would have liked.

"After Liesje left, they held an audition, and I was part of that," Arnaert told MTV News of her beginnings with the band. "They didn't take me then because I was 17 at that point and it would cause them a few problems because I needed my parents permission to go out. I still had to go to school, so after a few months, they decided that the singer they did choose didn't

really work out, and they asked if I'd come on tour with them." [28.8 RealVideo]

Geike's first recordings with Hooverphonic can be found on the group's recently released album, "Blue Wonder Power Milk."