Hootie Gets Indictment In Ticket Scalping Case

June 12 [7:55 EDT] -- You may remember when Hootie and the Blowfish was forced to cancel a batch of already-sold tickets for two shows at Jones Beach in New York last summer, after it became known that the tickets in question (for 500 of the best seats in the house) had been illegally funnelled to scalpers.

On Wednesday, New York State Attorney General Dennis Vacco was joined by Hootie drummer Jim "Soni" Sonnenfeld at a press conference to announce the indictment of a former Jones Beach theater box-office manager.

"We're here for kids that are in line at 8 in the morning. A fifteen year old kid with thirty bucks in his pocket and the illusion that he's being sold, you know. He's thinking he's down there in that yellow zone, and he deserves to be. [1MB QuickTime] And under our contracts, he's going to have a chance to be. But we want to be sure, you know, he does have a chance to get down there," Sonnenfeld said.

The man now

indicted for the Hootie ticket scam, Joseph Nekola, faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted on charges of grand larceny and computer tampering.