Hootie And Yes Fans Surrounded By Sound

November 13 [10:00 EDT] -- Fans with the ear and the gear will be able to enjoy new releases in "surround sound" including the reissuing of Hootie & The Blowfish's long form video and a special version of the new Yes CD.

70's art rockers Yes, who've always offered up elaborate soundscapes, will be releasing a special encoded edition of its forthcoming CD, "Open Your Eyes," (or "Yes," depending on who you believe) making the disc compatible with surround sound audio systems. The record will be able to be played on the estimated 25 million home theater systems around the country as well as on normal stereos. The Yes release will mark the debut of the new encoding technology. The album is due November 25 with the audiophile version to follow.

For fans wanting the visuals to match, Hootie's 1996's "A Series Of Short Trips" is out this week in a double-sided digital format with optional Dolby digital Surround Sound. It's one of the first DVD releases for Atlantic Records.

The video features productions from their incredibly successful debut album, "Cracked Rear View," as well as from the aforementioned sophomore effort, highlighted by a previously unreleased video from the latter for the track "Be The One," taped during the band's tour of Asia. The package also includes interviews and behind-the-scenes footage shot on the video sets, backstage and on the road.