Hootie On The Mase Connection

When Mase name-checked Hootie and the Blowfish during his rap on Puff Daddy's remix of "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems," the shout-out did not go unnoticed by the band, who was headed into the studio to record its third album.

In a recent interview after wrapping work on the new record, entitled "Musical Chairs," the band admitted to enjoying Mase's dropping its name and to being big fans of hip-hop music and its rise into the mainstream.

"I think the whole hip hop thing, I love it," frontman Darius Rucker told MTV News. "I think in '97, they ruled [the airwaves], and it was cool to be able to sit in my living room and watch it and -- not have to compete with it."

"It's kind of funny," added bassist Dean Felber, "because it's like when hip-hop and rap came out, it was a crime because people weren't listening to it and buying it -- and now it's selling, so it's a new crime. It's like there is no way to win. Some people are never going to be happy, they're always going to talk about

what's wrong with what's happened [to music]. I think it's great."

"And Mase gave us props," Rucker said. [100k QuickTime]

Hootie and the Blowfish's new album, "Musical Chairs," is due out on September 15.