the honeyrods: Free To Be "Love Bee"

September 9 [12:00 EDT] -- The honeyrods are young and out to have fun (read: five well-scrubbed college guys).

The band's committed pursuit of whimsy is depicted in their story-book style video for the first single, "Love Bee" [1MB QuickTime] from their self-titled, debut album. When the video's Jack and the Beanstalk motif ends, it leaves the fledgling group in the sky-world of the giants (read: musical giants?).

If their fans, "The Rod Squad," have anything to do with it, they may well get there.

College chums who met in Nashville: vocalist, Gordon Cabaniss, 22; guitarist, Chris Hunter, 21; guitarist, Matt Clemmons, 21; bassist, Jeremy Brashears, 21; and drummer, Michael Dale, 22; caught the eyes and ears of Capricorn records after three years of touring relentlessly around the Southeast.

So what in the heck is a "honeyrod" you ask? Answers Hunter,"When I was a kid, my cousin called sunflowers 'honeyrods.'

The phrase always stuck with me."