Courtney Love Seeking Court Cost Payback

March 6 [7:55 EST] -- According to various reports, Courtney Love is seeking $27,000 worth of retribution from Florida's Orange County to pay for legal expenses the singer shelled out to defend herself against battery charges.

Two men pressed charges against Love after the Hole frontwoman stagedove into them at a 1995 concert. Love was acquitted of misdemeanor battery charges, and under Florida law, acquitted defendants are entitled to reimbursement for reasonable court costs.

However, the county reportedly feels that some of the $27,000 that Love is seeking doesn't fall under the umbrella of "reasonable" costs. Assistant County Attorney George Dorsett has reportedly suggested that Orange County not pay Love, claiming that the price tag is excessive.

Among the costs that Love is reportedly trying to recoup are $2,500 to pay a psychiatrist expert witness to listen to a Hole album, watch one of the band's videos, and read a "Vanity Fair" article about her. Dorsett

reportedly challenged the notion that an expert witness should be considered a reasonable cost.

Love has also reportedly included photocopying costs and telephone bills in the amount she is seeking.