Corgan Talks About Steering New Hole Record

May 6 [7:55 EST] -- Head Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan is bucking for a spot in the workaholic Hall of Fame lately.

Corgan recently began the heavyweight task of producing the next Hole album, and while he has already begun pre-production on the record, Corgan is quick to point out that this will very much be a Hole record, not a Billy Corgan-meets-Hole record. He recently told MTV News that while he and Courtney Love have been close friends for a long time, his role as executive producer hardly includes taking all the responsibility for how the record turns out.

"In the case of the Hole record, that record is going to live and die on their dedication, and their heart into it, not mine," Corgan told MTV News. "They have to take that mantle. I can only kind of steer that ship left or right occasionally. [800k QuickTime] But I've taken a very... you know... I've known her now, like seven or eight

years. It's almost like a family experience. It's like being close to somebody, and you know, we've just been getting in a room, and playing songs, and just kind of getting back to why we like music."

Hole is still a month or so away from actually entering the studio to record. At some point they'll be joined for at least a couple tracks by Corgan's friends in The Frogs, the outrageous Milwaukee band whose drummer, Dennis Flemion, toured with Smashing Pumpkins last year as a keyboardist.

MTV News caught up with Corgan and the rest of the Pumpkins in Hollywood last weekend where the band busy with its other major project: a video shoot for "The End is the Beginning is the End," the group's contribution to the "Batman & Robin" soundtrack. The band joined forces with "Batman & Robin" director Joel Schumacher for the shoot, which saw the band don black neoprene suits in front of a large green screen, which will later feature swirling images from Batman lore.