Billy Corgan Discusses Producing Hole Record

KURT: Welcome back to "The Week In Rock."

Smashing Pumpkins leader Billy Corgan is acting as executive producer of the next album by "Hole," which started pre-production recently in Los Angeles. Corgan's a longtime friend of Hole leader Courtney Love, and so his involvement in the record is a bit more than just a business deal, as the man himself told us.

CORGAN: In the case of the Hole record, that record is going to live and die on their dedication, and their heart into it, not mine. And so, they have to take that mantle, I can only kind of steer the ship left or right occasionally, but I've taken a very, you know... I've known her now almost 7 years. It's almost like a family experience, it's like being close to somebody and, we've just been getting in a room, playing songs, and just kind of getting back to why we like music.

KURT: Also weighing in for some tracks on the Hole album will be Corgan's friends in the deeply

unusual Milwaukee band, The Frogs.