Love, Nowell Backing Anti-Drug Campaign

October 31 [14:30 EDT] -- An anti-drug press conference at the Hard Rock Café in Los Angeles today will feature Courtney Love and Troy Nowell, the widow of Sublime's Brad Nowell among others.

The conference will be announcing a series of anti-drug TV ads featuring artists including rapper Chuck D, the group Everclear, Fugees singer Lauryn Hill, the members of KISS, and singer Scatman John. The campaign is being sponsored by the Musicians' Assistance Program and the Partnership for a Drug-Free America.

Love has had little to say about her drug experiences in the past, although in a recent interview she did admit that following the death of her drug-addicted husband, Kurt Cobain, she sank into a period of heavy abuse. In another, she referred to having kicked her drug problems through sheer will. Love had previously been under fire for supposedly admitting to Vanity Fair that she used heroin while pregnant with her daughter.

The overdose death of Nowell last year

effectively ended the career of Sublime, at the time touted as one of the hottest up-and-and coming bands in the country. Troy Nowell, who is studying to be a drug counselor, works for M.A.P. and is the campaign's primary organizer.