Courtney Love, Florida Court Still Arguing Over Court Costs

Almost one year after the story first surfaced, Courtney Love is still reportedly seeking more than $20,000 in legal fees from Orange County, Florida and prosecutors are reluctant to pay.

According to a report from the "Orlando Sentinel," Love is still trying to get Orange County to pay her the $27,543 in legal fees that she shelled out to defend herself against battery charges filed by two fans who were struck at a 1995 Hole concert.

As we first reported last March (see "Courtney Love Seeking Court Cost Payback"), Love was acquitted of the charges, and under Florida law, acquitted defendants are entitled to reimbursement for reasonable court costs. However, County prosecutors are reportedly sticking by their initial claims that Love's request goes above and beyond what are considered reasonable court costs.

According to the "Sentinel" report, the County is now offering to cover only $1,900 of Love's total court costs.

The "Sentinel" reports that a District Court ruled in December that the County should cover the portion of Love's legal fees that fall under state law, but county attorney George Dorsett told the paper that many of the costs Love wants reimbursed for are not covered by state law. The newspaper reports that Love is seeking $15,000 to cover four expert witnesses and $5,000 to pay an investigator, costs which Dorsett said the County is not responsible for.

Dorsett told the "Sentinel" that under state law, the County is only responsible for such costs as attaining copies from a court clerk or distributing subpoenas.

"We're trying to be nice," Dorsett told the newspaper. "We went up from what we were offering before."

The "Sentinel" reports that an appeals court threw out the court's initial consideration to pay Love only $254 to cover the cost of distributing subpoenas.