Courtney Love Denies Billy Corgan Masterminded New Hole Album

Courtney Love has taken issue with some of the comments made by Billy Corgan about his involvement in Hole's new album, and has fired off a terse letter to "USA Today" saying that Smashing Pumpkins frontman only co-wrote five tracks on the new record.

Corgan claimed in an interview with "Select" magazine that he had served as a "Svengali" on the record and that "there would not be a new Hole album without me."

In her statement, Love said that Corgan's most important role in the new Hole album was to serve as her "mentor" and that the band and producer Mike Beinhorn "all worked ourselves to the bone to create this record."

Love also said that it "would be silly and somewhat sexist to credit Billy Corgan with things Billy Corgan did not do based on the assumptions that accomplished male musicians are somehow superior to accomplished female musicians," and referred to bandmate Eric Erlandson as "one of the greatest male guitarists of our generation."


new album, "Celebrity Skin," is due to arrive in record stores in September.