Corgan Talks Courtney With Howard Stern

Smashing Pumpkins production wiz Billy Corgan told radio talk king Howard Stern on Monday that in downplaying his contributions to the upcoming Hole record, band leader Courtney Love was turning the situation into an "ugly incident because she's embarrassed that she needed someone to help her."

Corgan also noted, "We're not talking anymore."

Corgan had previously described his role in Hole's highly-anticipated "Celebrity Skin" album as that of a "svengali." That lead Love to fire off a statement to "USA Today" that acknowledged Corgan's co-writing of five of the12 tracks on the album, and thanked him for what she called his "mentoring," but described the inclination to give him too much credit for the finished album as "silly and sexist."

Back on the radio, when Stern played a snippet of the title track from "Celebrity Skin," Corgan said, "They can be mad about it if they want, but it's still my riff."