Courtney Love Explains Where Her Rock Rage Has Gone

Sporting the attitude that has elevated her to the pop spotlight, Courtney Love went on a media blitz Monday, eager to stir further interest in Hole's latest record, "Celebrity Skin," which debuted in the Top 10 earlier this month.

Some critics have accused the makeover in Hole's sound and Love's image as Love having turned her back on the punk-driven, girl-rage image reflected in the band's earlier albums. As Love recently told MTV, such a take on her four-year interim since Hole's last album would be a misreading of her musical loyalties -- which answer to a higher calling.

"I grew up with a guitar in my hand," Love said, "I grew up being told to find the hook in everything. And I made this weird detour in life that I wanted [to do], and that I'm glad that I made. When I made 'Pretty on the Inside' and then towards when we made 'Live Through This,' the whole thing, the whole time was the internal

AM radio, the internal Top 40 radio that was going on in me."

"It's not my job to articulate female rage," she added, "I think it's more my job to craft songs really well, because I don't see a lot of rock women doing it." [28.8 RealVideo]