Courtney Love Weighs In On Clinton/Lewinsky Media Flood

As the country awaits the impending release of the Linda Tripp/Monica Lewinsky tapes, the furor around President Clinton, Kenneth Starr, and the attendant media coverage continues to swell, and no one is safe from the media deluge that it has inspired.

Not too surprisingly, the ever-outspoken Courtney Love had some thoughts on the topic when she sat down with MTV News' John Norris recently.

"I'm at a point with it where I feel that our media post-Springer, post-tabloid TV, has gotten unbelievably gross," Love told MTV News recently. "This country has always had a great sense of yellow journalism and the importance of yellow journalism and why it's important, and why tabloids do have a place in society, and they do. But this is just disgusting. It is disgusting. It is going to be looked at in history as McCarthyism." [28.8 RealVideo]

Love touched on the topic while taping a 15 Questions segment with Norris for this

weekend's edition of "MTV News 1515."