Courtney Plans Hole Tour, Talks About New Guitarist Needs

Now that Hole's new record is in stores, Courtney Love is working on a role opposite Jim Carrey in the film biography of late comedian Andy Kaufman, but she still has plans for Hole.

Love, who will appear with Carrey in "Man on the Moon," recently told MTV News that she is planning to hit the road soon, and wants to hire an additional guitarist for the trek. Love is in the market for a female guitarist, and even has a particular look in mind, as she recently told MTV News' John Norris.

"I'm actually looking for a disenfranchised kind of [person]," Love said, "maybe even a not-skinny Manson girl. Sort of a Jerry Springer, messed-up, lunch-box girl."

"Not required to be a babe? " Norris asked.

"I think it'd work well with me and Melissa [Auf Der Maur]," Love continued, "[Someone who] likes goth, but

maybe too young to where I'll [have to] explain what it means in real life. That's what I'm looking for, but that's just me." [28.8 RealVideo]

We'll be sure to keep you posted on the results of Courtney's search for the "perfect" touring guitarist.