Korn Revisits Bad Memories Of Manson And Hole As Tour Gets Rolling

Hopefully, things will run a bit more smoothly for Korn on their current tour with Rob Zombie than they when the band toured with Marilyn Manson and Hole in Australia.

Korn and Zombie kicked off their "Rock Is Dead" tour last weekend in Arizona, bringing to mind Korn's stint on the Aussie Big Day Out tour with Manson and Hole in January. Jonathan Davis, a friend of Manson's, says that during the tour down under, he discovered a different side of Manson, and learned a lot about singer Courtney Love.

"I thought it was funny because both those bands are so bitter and jealous towards us that all they did was talk about us and I just keep hearing all this talk," Davis told MTV News' John Norris of his Australian experience. "It was just getting ridiculous. Courtney said she made an art out of picking on us, and Manson said a whole bunch of stuff. I actually knocked him out on stage. He called me out,

he said some pretty bad things about me in front of 50,000 people and I took him out right there on stage."

So far, there have been no signs of such trouble on the Korn/Zombie tour, which rolls into Biloxi, Mississippi on Friday (in case you're wondering, Manson and Hole will be playing the Pacific Northwest this weekend). You can catch much more from the Korn/Zombie tour on this weekend's edition of "MTV News 1515" and also in our MTV News Online Feature of the Week, which will pop up here on Monday.