Courtney Love Finds It Hard To Speak Of Kurt Cobain

Of all the bands to survive the fallout following Kurt Cobain's death (see "Five Years After Cobain: Foo Fighters, Chris Cornell, Alice In Chains"), Hole and its leader, Courtney Love, have lived through it on a far more tragic and personal level.

As Cobain's widow and the mother of his daughter, Frances Bean, Love has spent the last five years proving herself to be a survivor while earning fame as a mainstream celebrity. Yet she continues to protect her privacy in matters regarding her relationship with the Nirvana frontman and chooses to allude to him in interviews rather than speak of him directly.

"The evocation of the name, it just takes something," Love told MTV News' John Norris last fall. "It robs me of something that was really private, that I have a really hard time even going to my own place with and what happened, and what was that

like, and how great that was, and how horrible some of that was and all that stuff that's my little life." [RealVideo]

Courtney Love and Hole are currently sorting out plans for a club tour, and the band has been confirmed to appear at Canada's Edgefest on July 1. The concert, which will also feature Silverchair, Moist, and Big Wreck, will take place in Barrie, Ontario.