Henry Rollins Brings Musings On Isaac Hayes, David Lee Roth, Lollapalooza To New Tome

Punk multi-hyphenate Henry Rollins uncovers fragments of Isaac Hayes, David Lee Roth, and John Lee Hooker and opens many more windows onto his own inner workings in "Do I Come Here Often?," his latest written work.

The book, the second in his "Black Coffee Blues" series, features a number of previously unpublished passages from Rollins' journals, including his tour diary from Lollapalooza's maiden voyage in 1991. Rollins details the bond he formed with Ice-T during the tour as well as a backstage meeting with Tom Waits and his distaste for tourmates Nine Inch Nails.

"These guys are so weak it's not funny," he writes in one entry.

In addition to the previously unseen work (which also includes journal entries from each of his birthdays over the span of nine years and his thoughts on the Los Angeles riots), the volume also includes interviews that Rollins conducted for various magazines over the past few years.

Here you can see Rollins discuss sampling with

Isaac Hayes, talk about the recording process with Jerry Lee Lewis, and proclaim his devotion to David Lee Roth. "The first Van Halen album makes Johnny Rotten out to be what he really was and still is, a hairdresser," Rollins writes.

"Do I Come Here Often?" arrived in bookstores last week, and the third volume in the "Black Coffee Blues" series, "Smile, You're Traveling," is currently in the works.