Harvey Danger Discuss The Folks Who Don't Get It

"Flagpole Sitta," a sarcastic romp that mocks trends and the people who follow them, is an unlikely breakthrough hit for the Seattle outfit Harvey Danger given the song's seemingly antagonistic stand.

However, a little thing like that hasn't stopped the song ["Flagpole Sitta", 800k QuickTime] from riding high on the modern rock singles chart, where it currently resides at number four. Obviously, listeners are finding something else in the song, which is fine with them.

"I think that a lot of people are taking it very literally, which is I think O.K. because it sort of works that way too," frontman Sean Nelson told MTV News recently of his often misinterpreted lyrics. "It's not my intention, but I think once you release a song to the mainstream your intention doesn't count for much anymore. A lot people come up and say, 'God, where did you come up with that line, Only stupid people

are breeding?' And I'm, like, 'Well, I've only heard about 500 people say it my life.' And you know, people are thinking, 'I think that when I drive to work.' I never considered that as a possible route for the song."

"But it's wonderful that you can find that in your own life," bassist Aaron Huffman quipped.

The band will take its message, whatever you think it is, to the people on a tour with Grant Lee Buffalo that kicks off Tuesday night in Minneapolis.

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