PJ Harvey Does Track With Tricky, Makes Movie Of Biblical Proportions

Tricky and Harvey are label-mates and toured the States together several years ago. After Tricky wrote "Broken Homes," he immediately thought of Harvey for the vocals. Tricky also recorded several songs with Scott Ian of Anthrax, but he still has not decided which collaborations will end up on "Angels."

PJ Harvey is also segueing into a film career, like so many musicians these days. She just completed shooting a Hal Hartley movie called "Book Of Life," which is described as a modern day biblical espionage story.

Harvey plays Mary Magdelene, while Martin Donovan, a core member of Hartley's ensemble, plays Jesus Christ. The story centers on Christ and Magdelene's return to New York on December 31, 1999, as they flee from Satan.

"Book Of Life" is set to premiere on French television in late 1999.