Mase Explains Keeping The Harlem In Harlem World As Album Debuts High

Mase's pals in Harlem World did him proud this week by landing their debut album in the top 20 after one week in stores.

The group's "The Movement" arrives at number 11 next week, good news for Mase, whose All Out Records released the album as its maiden offering. The rapper's involvement in the group goes even further as his twin sister Stase and his brother Blinky Blink are card-carrying members of Harlem World.

Mase helped out his kin with some production work and with an appearance on the album, which also features turns from Kelly Price, Nas, Jermaine Dupri, and the Harlem Boys Choir.

"When I thought about Harlem World, I said it can't be Harlem unless we incorporate things from Harlem," Mase recently told MTV News of the Choir's involvement. "If we not gonna shoot the video in the Apollo, we might as well use the Harlem Boys Choir somewhere on that album to make it a legitimate

Harlem World album. Like when I first came out, everybody was like, 'Why don't you shoot a video in Harlem? Why we can't be in the video? You keep sayin' you from Harlem World. I don't see nobody from Harlem gettin' on.'

"It's the last song on the album. The song the Harlem Boys Choir sings is 'A Change Is Gonna Come.' Sam Cooke made it famous but I don't know if he was the first to record the song."

Harlem World is currently out on a promotional tour that runs through mid-April. They can next be seen on Thursday at a KYLB radio station sponsored event in San Jose, California.