Hanson Talks About Getting Creative

May 5 [7:55 EST] -- There's a lot to be said for the power of pure pop. Just ask the three Tulsa, Oklahoma brothers collectively known as Hanson.

The boys are currently setting adolescent hearts, and the "Billboard" singles chart, on fire with "Mmmbop," [900kB QuickTime] the first single from the trio's major label debut, "Middle of Nowhere."

Isaac Hanson, 16, and his brothers, 13-year-old Taylor and 11-year-old Zack, grew up listening to the Beach Boys, which might explain their flair for vocal harmonies.

Despite their extraordinarily young ages, the band has already released two albums on their own since 1992, and "Mmmbop" goes back to those indie days.

While the band has been writing songs together for a good part of their young lives, they have yet to settle on one particular approach to songwriting. In the case of "Mmmbop," this open door creative policy gave the band an accidental hit.


song 'Thinking of You,' the first song on the album, we were just jammin' together, and that song started flowing in, and in 30 minutes it was written," keyboardist Taylor told MTV News. "That's a weird example of how it can happen. It happens in all kinds of different ways."

"An opposite example of that is the single that's coming out 'Mmmbop,'" guitarist Isaac added. "That one was a very long process, as far as writing goes because it was started as a kind of a background part, supposedly, for one of the songs on the first independent release that we did. And it was too much of it's own thing."

Hanson will perform and sign autographs at the Sam Goody record store at the Universal City Walk in Los Angeles, on Saturday May 10 at 1 p.m.