Hanson Talk About Celebrating Chart-Topping Single

May 14 [10:00 EST] -- Only five years ago the three teen brothers in Hanson were singing by themselves, without instruments, at local fairs and festivals in their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

A lot has changed since then, and as of next Monday Hanson's debut major label single "Mmmbop" ["Mmmbop" Video, 700k QuickTime] will become the number one song in America.

Last weekend, when the band rolled into New York's Central park for a "Seventeen" magazine photo shoot (after appearing at New Jersey's Paramus Mall), they didn't know for sure if the song would reach the top of the charts. However, the boys still had a few ideas about how they would celebrate if "Mmmbop" made the jump from number two to number one.

"We'll probably have a giant party with our friends," bassist Isaac Hanson told MTV News. "Jump up and down, I don't know," keyboardist Taylor

Hanson added.

"Go on some hot date with somebody. I don't know," Isaac concluded in his best Butt-head imitation.

Hanson's off to do promotional appearances in Europe for the rest of the month, and the brothers have no U.S. tour plans yet, but we'll keep you posted.