Prodigy, Hanson Bring Home MTV Europe Awards

In London, MTV Europe staged its own annual "Video Music Awards" show on Thursday night. Local heroes Prodigy were among the big winners. U2 turned up in costume, Jon Bon Jovi was on hand, and the mood was, well, very Euro.

ALICIA SILVERSTONE: And the winner is... Prodigy!


HANSON: Prodigy!

LEEROY THORNHILL, Prodigy: Well, what can I say? Three times in one night... you ask any lady and that's very lucky.

STEVEN TYLER, Aerosmith (co-presenting the award for Best Group): Some of life's most meaningful experiences can happen in a group.

PRESENTER: And the winner is... the Spice Girls!

MEL B, Spice Girls: Apart from this being the best day of our life, it's about girl power, so c'mon!!! [1.3MB QuickTime]

DAVID ARQUETTE: Amster-damn!!!! This is a good show!

BJORK: And the winner is... U2!

BONO, singing: In the port of Amsterdam,

there's a painter...

NINA PERSSON: The MTV Select Award is given to the most requested video on MTV... Backstreet Boys!

PRESENTER: And the winner is... "Mmmbop," Hanson!

ZACH HANSON, Hanson: You love me! You really love me! [957k QuickTime]

The home of good taste. The MTV Euro Awards.

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