Hanson Fans Learn What's In A Name

November 18 [14:00 EDT] -- Apparently, many young Hanson fans in the Chicago area need to brush up on their knowledge of classic hockey comedies from the 70s.

In his column for the "Chicago Tribune," Steve Rosenbloom reports that the Chicago Wolves of the International Hockey League have been fielding calls from folks hoping that the Oklahoma teens responsible for "MMMBop" will be on hand for a game that the Wolves have dubbed "Hanson Brothers Night."

The team's ticket office has reportedly had to tell the inquiring callers that "Hanson Brothers Night," which is set for November 21, will not feature the chart-topping trio known as Hanson, but rather the bespectacled hockey goons known as the Hanson brothers from the 1977 Paul Newman comedy "Slap Shot."

While once considered cult figures, the characters of the Hanson brothers have now attained something akin to sports mascot status, and will reportedly entertain the crowd in Chicago with some sort of wacky hockey