Hanson Free Live Show Heps Up Fans

November 19 [16:00 EDT] -- Hanson set teenage fans into a frenzy at a mall in Dallas early Tuesday morning. According to a report in the "Dallas Morning News" girls began lining up in the mall parking lot before 4 AM to be ready for when the mall doors opened at 5:10 AM for the 7:20 AM performance.

"Kiss-FM," a local radio station, sponsored the concert, but were only able to book the blond-boy band on a weekday, hence the pre-school-timed show. When the doors opened, it was a pre-teen rush to the stage to secure a good view.

The towheaded trio from Tulsa played an acoustic hour long set, which consisted of songs beginning with the letter "M," including "Madeline," "MMMBop," and "Man From Milwaukee."

The mall's Fire Marshall reported to the "Morning News" that 22 girls were treated for minor injuries such as hyperventilation, asthma, and cursory bumps and bruises. Despite The Who Concert-like rush to the stage through the food court, there were thankfully no serious

injuries in the crowd of 8,000 throbbing girls.