Hanson Gets "Weird" With Director Gus Van Sant

What do Hanson and Matt Damon have in common these days? Why director Gus Van Sant, of course. Van Sant, who was nominated for best director for "Good Will Hunting" this week, is also the director of the boys' next video.

Van Sant, who is best known for his auteurship on such dark films as "My Own Private Idaho" and "Drugstore Cowboy," will be directing the clip for the Hanson track, "Weird."

If you find that, well, weird, it was Van Sant who actually approached the band after he watched the video for "Where's The Love," and fell in love with their energy. The video's concept, however, was developed by the brothers, though it is being kept under raps for now.

MTV News did speak to Van Sant on the set. Here's what he did say. "It was a period right after "Good Will Hunting" where I was sort of tired and I thought that maybe I should pass on the video because I wasn't coming up with any good ideas.

"So I told them that, look, I think I'm burnt out for now, and

they said well 'Okay, we've got some ideas, would you listen to our ideas?' So I listened to their ideas and they were extremely detailed and complicated, very complicated, [550 k Quicktime] and I said, 'Well these are very complicated ideas... do you want to do them? I'll do them for you. I'll get into it and pull them off...' but it's hard, you know, it's hard work."