Spice Camp Mum About Post-Geri Plans As Fans React

In the wake of the news that rocked the Spice World, Spice Girls fans are left with nothing but questions and memories after Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell split from the group last weekend.

There's no word yet on what Halliwell will do now that she has shed her role as Ginger, and there's no response from the group itself on reports that they may hold auditions to find a replacement (possibly an American) for Geri at the end of their upcoming 10-week U.S. tour. The trek gets underway next week in West Palm Beach, Florida, and runs through August.

Meanwhile, Spice fans across the globe are handling the news in their own, unique ways. In New York, fans wavered over whether the Spice Girls could recover from Ginger Spice's departure.

"It's a shame," said one young female about Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell, "she's like my favorite Spice Girl. I love her wacky hair. She was always the one that kept the group alive and going. She was pretty much the spokesperson for the

whole group."

"Why do I think it happened," posed one male, "I don't know. Maybe she got greedy and wanted to go off on her own."

"More money, more problems," grinned another fan, "just like Puff Daddy said."

"If she's not there," said another female, "there'll be something missing, but they'll survive it."

"I think they're 15 minutes are over" added a fan, "so it was gonna happen anyway."

"I don't think it should really matter," scoffed one teenager, "since they could probably just replace her with another good-looking girl who barely sings."

"I don't think they can replace her," claimed one female, "I don't know. I think they should try and get her back if they can."

In the streets of Manchester, England, MTV News' John Norris found that, while fans were divided in their opinions on Halliwell's departure, they were unanimous in their opposition to her inevitable solo career.

"No way!"

the crowd screamed.

The four remaining Spice Girls will take the stage in Modena, Italy on Tuesday, June 9 to wrap up their European tour before heading to the States (for a Spice Girls tour itinerary, see "Spice Girls Announce U.S. Tour Dates").