Spice Girls "Very Surprised" By Geri Split

Last weekend, the Spice Girls spoke with MTV News for the first time since Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell left the group last month.

Despite rumors and reports that Halliwell's departure was a long time coming and caused by fighting within the group (see "UPDATE: Was Spice Girls Split In The Cards?"), the remaining Spice Girls told MTV News' John Norris that her exit was, in fact, completely unexpected.

"We were very surprised," Posh Spice Victoria Adams told MTV News. "There was never any tension before it happened. I think there were other things she wanted to do. She's moved on. Individually and as a band we support her in whatever she wants to do." [1MB QuickTime] "Whatever she ends up doing, we know she'll do really well," Sporty Spice Mel C added.

The suddenly Gingerless Spice Girls will play Virginia Beach, Virginia on Wednesday.