Scary Spice Talks About Her Secretive Wedding And Not Inviting Ginger

Calling herself Mel G instead of Mel B, a pregnant and newlywed Scary Spice spoke to our colleagues at MTV Europe earlier this week about some of the recent, rather dramatic changes in her life.

As we previously reported (see "Spice Wedding: Mel B Gets Hitched"), last weekend Melanie Brown married dancer Jimmy Gulzar, with whom she cavorts in her video with Missy Elliot for "Want You Back" [28.8 RealVideo].

All of Mel B's fellow Spice Girls -- with the notable exception of the departed Geri Halliwell -- attended the wedding, an event which Scary Spice says she had trouble keeping the British tabloids from knowing about.

"I planned my wedding a long time ago," Scary Spice told MTV Europe, "I planned it a long time ago, and it's not actually the secrecy from my fans or the general public, it's the press -- really."

"They can be pretty vicious," she added, "they can be very vicious, and I didn't really want [the wedding to be] spoiled by a lot of press snooping over my wall and hiding in the bushes. That's why I had so much security, cause they can be really nasty, they can. They just don't just take pictures of you, they hail abuse at you and I didn't want that on my wedding day." [28.8 RealVideo]

"Everyone was saying that Geri wasn't at the wedding because she wasn't invited," asked the MTV Europe interviewer.

"No," she retorted, "I did speak to [Geri] a couple of weeks ago, and as you know, Victoria went out for dinner with her. But ... weddings are a very family, kind of close-knit thing, and I just wanted it to be as smooth as possible."

The Spice Girls have recorded a new single, "Goodbye," which will be released during the Christmas season.