Geri Halliwell On Leaving Spice Girls: "Love Affairs Burn Out"

Geri Halliwell has thrown away her Ginger Spice moniker and glitter gear for good. But these days, she's sporting more than just her real name and a sleek new look.

As we reported on Monday (see "Geri Halliwell Talks Solo Life, Considers U.S. Tour"), the singer's first solo album, "Schizophonic," is currently scheduled to hit North America on June 15.

At a press conference on Friday in New York City, Geri unveiled "Look at Me," the upbeat first single off her upcoming record. The video for the image-conscious track features Halliwell in a variety of guises from virgin to vamp -- which, for some, will undoubtedly conjure up memories of Geri's previous band. Was breaking up with the girl power group hard to do?

"There's a million reasons why I wanted to leave the Spice Girls," Halliwell told MTV News' John Norris on


HREF="/sitewide/utils/playmedia.jhtml?clip=/mtv/news/real/h/halliwell990413.rm">"The only way I can make people understand... it's like a marriage, but actually more like a love affair, and love affairs burn out. They do, particularly with me."

She added, "You know, my father died six months before the Spice Girls. I fell in love with them. I needed it very, very badly, and then suddenly, you know, a few years later, I'm two years older than them. I come from a different place, so my perspective on it was different, and you know, I wasn't in love anymore...."

As for making up with her former Spicemates, Geri did say that she sent her regards to "Posh" Victoria and "Scary" Mel G. (formerly Mel B.) following the births of their babies.

"Look at Me" is due to reach our airwaves on May 17.