Geri Halliwell Prepares To Get "Schizophonic"

Spice Girls graduate Geri Halliwell is on the verge of becoming "Schizophonic." That's the title of her first solo album, and it's due out in America on June 14.

The woman we once called Ginger is looking quite a bit different these days. But her new music will definitely have some familiar rings to it, as it was masterminded by Spice Girls producers Paul Wilson and Andy Watkins. MTV News' John Norris spoke to Halliwell recently about the first single and video, "Look At Me," and how it reflects her own multifaceted personality.

"One of the lines in this song is 'I can give you reality,' almost as though reality is like another way we present ourselves," Norris suggested.

"Absolutely," Geri replied. "I can be real. I saw Lil' Kim going, 'I can be real.' You know, I can be real, and we all can be real with each other, and we should be. But if you want,

I can play... I can be a drama queen."

She added, "There's all different dimensions to a personality. In this video I play a virgin, a vamp, a bitch, a sister. You know, there's all different dimensions to a personality, and perhaps we're all of them and none of them." [RealVideo]

Halliwell will probably support her solo record with a world tour next fall. To hold you over until then, the video for "Look At Me" will debut on MTV's "Total Request Live" on Thursday afternoon.