Geri Halliwell Mood-Swings Into Stores With "Schizophonic"

Geri Halliwell released her first post-Spice Girls solo album, "Schizophonic," on Tuesday, and as she told MTV News' John Norris recently, writing lyrics for the LP was a rather cathartic process.

"During the summer I wrote lots of lyrics and ideas, and then in the autumn, I was ready to go back into the studio," Halliwell explained. "And what it was, I kind of tore my heart out and squeezed it into the lyrics. And it was really therapeutic for me."

The process also resulted in a record of many minds and emotions, as Geri went on to describe.

"You know, it's kind of a mood swing, this album is," said Halliwell.

"One minute I'm on the floor and being reflective and searching. Next minute I'm hysterical and being really larger than life. I think women will identify. It's like a hormonal mood swing.

One minute it's like, 'Arrrgh!' The next minute it's, 'Ahhh...'" [RealVideo]

As for Geri's former partners, the Spice Girls will be regrouping in August to start work on a new album with noted producer Rodney Jerkins (see "Spice Girls Producer Jerkins Promises 'Urban' Feel On New Album").