Halliwell Delivers Address Despite Hecklers

Geri Halliwell turned up in London over the weekend and reportedly found a less-than-warm welcome.

According to Reuters, the former Spice Girl-turned-solo artist was addressing a youth summit on Saturday as part of her role as a United Nations goodwill ambassador. While speaking to young people from more than 50 countries about condoms and birth control, Halliwell was reportedly interrupted by a heckler while several other demonstrators gathered outside waving signs that read, "Geri is a puppet on a string."

Halliwell became a U.N. ambassador in October of 1998 and has since met with her share of controversy over her outspoken views on the need for contraception.

Reuters reports that the former Ginger Spice carried on with her speech, noting, "Everyone is allowed to have their opinion." Halliwell reportedly went on to tell the crowd gathered that, "My job is to raise awareness about the need to improve sexual reproductive health, and that means more

than just bonking [having sex] with condoms on. It's about health care for everyone around the world."

The singer backed up that point by telling the summit, "600,000 women die around the world as a result of pregnancy. That is the same as 22 double-decker buses full of pregnant women crashing every day with no survivors.... In 20 years' time, 40 million children will have lost their parents to AIDS -- that is the entire population of Spain. It's frustrating and it is ridiculous."

While moving her music career forward with her solo album "Schizophonic," Halliwell has upped her pro-social work as well since leaving the Spice Girls. In addition to her work with the U.N., Halliwell has played a number of benefit concerts and has earmarked royalties from her autobiography for charity (see "Geri Halliwell To Donate Book Royalties To Cancer Charity").